This is an easy technique for making cute little books. All you need is scraps of paper, a hole punch and string of some kind.
Step 1: Cut a small stack of paper down to 3″ by 3″ (or whatever size you want)
Step 2: Mark where your holes will go, every 1/2″. This sheet will become your template for punching holes.
Step 3: Cut covers for your little book from scrapbook paper.
Step 4. Put your hole punching template on top of the stack and punch away.
Step 5: Get some thread or string. I use waxed linen thread.
Step 6: Start threading. You can do lots of different patterns to keep your pages together, so be creative.
Step 7: When you’re done, bring the threads together and tie a bow or a knot.
I made them in a woodgrain paper, but these could be made in anything for different occasions. 
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