It’s been one of my dreams to see a real blue whale in the ocean  This will happen one day… but not exactly now. 
Our last paper toys turned out beautiful – and very easy to make.
You will need: blue A4 cardboard sheets, a white sheet of paper, some glue, a felt-tip pen and a pair of scissors. Cut the blue paper in two lengthwise – you will only need one half. Cut it again into two strips of different lengths (see above for the approximate proportions).
Fold up about 0. 5 cm from the shorter one.
Draw the tail on the other side and cut out the tails on the two strips together.
Glue the two tail-ends together. Glue the other ends of the strips together to make the head.
Add a white strip to make the mouth. Draw in the plates with a felt-tip pen.
The fountain is also easy to make – cut a fringe of white paper then roll it tightly and glue it on the whale.

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