See how to make these beautiful fish at home. You will need a large plastic bottle, massking tape, two bottle caps (for the eyes), PVA glue and temperapaints.
Cut out the two ends of the bottle with a sharp knife. Shape the tail from the lower part, cutting two triangles from the sides. Cover the tail with masking tape.
Cut out the upper and the lower fins from cardboard. It’s best to make the lower fin so that it can also serve as a stand (to keep the fish from falling while you’re covering it).
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Secure the two bottle caps with  masking tape to make the eyes. After you have attached all the parts, cover the whole fish with sticky tape.
Your fish is now ready to be covered with torn pieces of paper and diluted PVA glue. Glue torn paper all over the body of the fish, making sure the pieces are very wet and overlapping. When the fish is dry, cover with a second layer of glue and paper. This technique is called  papier-mache.
If you’re working with younger kids, it’s better to prepare the fish beforehand, because the drying process takes a very long time. I made ours alone the day before; when they were dry, me and my daughter colored them with tempera paints.
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