– leather
– topstitching thread
– scissors
– stitching awl
– e6000 glue
– needle
– tape
1. Print out SwellMayde cell phone case pattern  on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. Make sure to use the original size and do NOT scale image when printing (should fit a variety of phones). Lay pattern over leather, tape in place.
2. Use stitching awl to poke holes as marked on the pattern.
3. Cut out pattern.
4. Hand stitch using thick topstitch thread around outer edge of .  the edgestitch can be sewn using your home sewing machine and simply skip step 2.
5. Overlap left and right sides and ine up the poked holes. Sew together, knot ends.
6. Put a dab of e6000 glue to bottom edge (leather side up).
7. Tuck flap inside, and hold in place so glue sets in.
8. Voila! A SwellMayde DIY Envelope Cell Phone Case.
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