Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card

Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card

We’ve got another homemade fathers day card idea ready for you and this one is a funny one too! Make a Father’s Day Thumbs Up Card together with your kids. A fun 3D card that you can either make by using our handy template or by tracing a child’s hand (this making it even more personal).


  • our printable card template (along with optional hand outline)
  • heavier print paper in white (or cream)
  • paper in color (regular print paper is perfect, construction paper works too)
  • scissors
  • glue


Cut out both the card template and the hand outline.

Place it on the card, roughly positioning it in the center. You’ll get the feeling of how much “excess” hand you need to cut off.

Cut out the “extra” paper.

Fold the card in half, along the dashed line.

Apply the glue on the palm area as well as across the thumb area.

Glue the hand outline on the card base.

Add a bit of glue on the tip of the index finger, bend the finger and stick it to the palm.

Repeat with all other fingers.

You’ve got yourself a thumbs up!

Get the template here:Thumbs-up-For-Daddy-

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