• 1/4 yd Suedecloth
• 1/3 yd Trim
• 1
1/2 yds Cord
• Basic sewing supplies

1. Cut two 9″x11″ suedecloth rectangles for bag. Cut two 5″x9″ suedecloth rectangles for pockets.
2. Fold one 5″x9″ rectangle in half lengthwise. Baste to other pocket rectangle. Stitch in 1/2″ increments across
pocket to form tee pockets.
3. Hem top 1/2″ of pocket. Stitch trim to hemmed edge.
4. With wrong side of pocket to right side of bag front, baste pocket to front.
5. With right sides together and matching bottom edges, stitch bag front and back together at bottom.
6. Starting at bottom, stitch side seams together, stopping 21⁄4″ from top. Backstitch to secure. Leaving 1″ opening,
stitch to top.
7. Turn 11⁄4″hem at top, opening up side seam allowances. Stitch to form casing. Bar tack on either side of
casing openings.
8. Turn bag.
9. Cut cord in half. Thread cord through casing, starting and exiting at the same opening. Thread second cord
through opposite casing opening. Exit through same opening. Knot. To draw closed, pull both knots

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