The final product was so worth it, I love how boho it is! Huge bonus: it didn’t cost me a thing because I had all these materials on hand. Score!

Materials: Cardboard, old magazines, embroidery thread, hot glue, scissors, X-acto knife, ruler, pencil. You may also need: tacky glue for quick hold

Measure a 2″ border all around a 4″x6″ opening (for your picture) – cut out using an X-acto knife

Start rolling pages from magazines (as tightly as you can**) add a dot of tacky glue for a quick hold. Grab embroidery thread, tie on one end and wrap all around the paper roll, tie again at the other end. Continue the process until you have a ton of finished sticks.

Once you have enough sticks finished, start bending them at a 90 degree angle and attach using hot glue, continue gluing all around until finished.

Layer and mix-match size and colors of your sticks, use as much glue as you can so the hold is strong. Glue string to the paper if necessary so nothing becomes loose.

Grab a small piece of cardboard to create the back leg, I bent mine in two places and made sure to make it connected to avoid sliding. Cut two strips for the back channels, insert your photo in the frame easily by sliding in and out.

I hope you’ve enjoyed and happy frame making!!! 🙂

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