I have another blank canvas tutorial for you guys today! This is a series all about decorating a plain canvas tote in lots of fun ways. We’ve made a pool tote, neon polka dot tote, a book tote, and an image transfer tote. I saved one of my very favorites (and a super easy one) for last-this heart tote with leather straps.

I loved the addition of the leather straps on this bag so much I started added them onto a couple of the other bags I made too! I’ve seen similar bags like this sell for $30 or more, this one costs only $6 to make!

For these final product images above

Keep reading for instructions on making one…

I made the heart using a freezer stencil technique. It’s so easy, and I’ve done is so many times on the blog, I didn’t think it needed a step by step tutorial. However,  if you’ve never done a freezer stencil project before check out this post for instructions. You can buy plain canvas totes here for under $2 each.

The leather handles were bought from this etsy shop. They cost $4 for a pair. To attach the straps I had to buy some small rivets from my local fabric store. I just explained to them what I was trying to do and they directed me to some tiny rivets that come in a pair. Here are some instructions on attaching the leather handles:

Step 1: Cut off the canvas straps. Set them aside (I have another idea for a project with these!)

Step 1: Using a small knife, make a tiny hole in the middle of the spot where the canvas strap used to be, on the outside of the bag.

Step 3: Pull out your rivets. There should be two kinds. One has a finished round end, and the other has a flatter end. Stick the flat end one through the back of the bag, through the hole you made, and finally through the leather strap until it peaks out.

Step 4: Now put the round end rivet through the front and pound it hard with a hammer. You want those rivets to be strong! I didn’t hammer it in the first time and they fell apart pretty quickly so be sure to hammer them in hard.

That’s all folks!
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