Tuxedo Heart Box

Tuxedo Heart Box

Hello! I found this cute See’s Candies gift box, while browsing the local See’s Candies store. (They give samples, in case you are wondering why I meandered inside) Anyway, I love these tuxedo boxes so I decided to try to re-create my own version for a little gift for my husband.

I used Spellbinders Hearts Nestabilities and cut Pure Luxury White, Black Onyx and Red Hot using the largest die.

I snipped a small corner from the bottom point and a larger section from the top, of the red heart.

I free hand drew a slightly curved line on the black heart and cut it away. They I used the section I had cut, flipped it over and used it as a template to draw the curve on the opposite side, then cut it. This way I had two pieces that were the same size.

I embossed the red piece with my Forest Branches Cuttlebug Folder, then I adhered it to the white heart, lining the two pieces up. Next, I adhered the two black sections on top of the first two.

I added black brads and a red bow tie. I wanted to use black, like in the photo, but I didn’t have any wide black ribbon. I kept it pretty basic, but you could fancy it up by using glitter or shimmery paper to make lapels. If you look closely at the inspiration photo, you can see the hint of lapels.

Made the snips as shown to create side flaps.

Next, I creased along the fold lines and brought the side flaps together, adhering with Scor-Tape. Then I adhered the bottom flap to form the box.

I adhered the tuxedo heart to the box, then added a plain black heart to the back of the box. I adhered it to that the heart lays on it’s side, lining the flat side of the heart up with the bottom of the box. I was going for a very simple look, but you could use the heart to decorate a larger box, and keep it upright, or use it as a tag, on a card, or on a scrapbook page. It was really simple and fun to make.

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