Transform a traditional necktie into nifty eyeglass case for dear old Dad. So off to the thrift store I went….
First step is to cut the tie 17 inches from the point.
The inside of the tie is where the glasses will be held. Only one of my ties needed a quick seem ripper action down the middle.
Of course this ended up opening up the entire thing so I needed to glue it back together.
“Sewing with a tube”…how much better can it get?
I used glue on another tie that had a flap where eyeglass frames would probably get caught.
My third tie had a cushiony filler that also needed a little glue.
After patching up the loose areas, fold the length of the tie over the back, tucking in the very end about an inch for a finished look. One of my ties that had the cushiony filler needed the inside cut out about one inch from the end to keep it from getting too thick when folded.
Whip stitch along the top and sides, being careful not to sew the pouch closed.
Attach velcro to the tips and coordinating area when closed. I used the softer side of the velcro where the eyeglasses would slide in to avoid scratches.
Cute huh?
Unfortunately when gluing one of the ties, some of the glue bled through the fabric resulting in a couple small stains on the front. Soooo……
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