Start with a square piece of paper.
Now make a square base.

Next insert your finger in one of the pockets in square base.
Move the pocket around to the front, then flatten and crease it.
This classic origami move is known as the squash fold.

Photo below shows one of the squash folds completed. Now perform the squash fold three times..

..until the piece has the diamond shape shown below.
Next fold and unfold the corners as shown, to make crease marks.

Next comes another classic origami move, the petal fold.

The next photo shows the completed petal fold.
Now perform the petal fold three more times (on the other three faces of the diamond), to create the origami frog base.

Fold the frog base down the centerline as shown. Then fold the lower edges
of one layer into the centerline.

Now fold edge A to edge B  as shown by the arrow.
The perform the previous three steps again, 3 more times, until the piece looks like below right.

Now it’s time to turn the tadpole into a frog!
I like to pre-Crease the leg, then use reverse folds to create the two front 

Now use reverse folds to stretch the back legs.
Apply reverse folds again, twice each on the front and back pairs of legs, as shown in the photos below.

Now you’ll need to blow where shown, to inflate the frog’s body.

Now your Origami frog is ready. 😉
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