All shot in natural daylight– the best kind of lighting! I was rushing to get all the shots before the sun went down.

I prepared a very rough storyboard so I had all the steps visually planned out, so that I would not waste time thinking on the spot (something I learnt from helping Lobak with his production of wedding short films)….

My nail polish stash. My favorites are actually IN2IT because the texture is not too thick, but I love the colors of the OPI Minis – it’s the Nicki Minaj collection heheh. Thanks to Mel and Jean, I love Face Shop’s line too, because of the texture and wide range of colors.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it here before, but I have a weakness for belts. Whether they are new or thrifted or handmade, from a retail store or a night market, I. LOVE. THEM! Any belt lovers here? 😛

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