Aren’t you so excited?

What you need to get started:

1. Your favorite photo (or just one you really like)  I was fortunate to have photos that Camilla actually took for me as well as my sister’s engagement photos that Camilla took as well. (I’m telling you….she is talented!)
2. Mod Podge
3. Paint that matches your photo, or a color that contrasts to add a definite border around the clock as well as covers the raw wood.
4. Clock parts (We went to the DI and Salvation Army and bought clocks and took them apart.  Good in theory, but some of them didn’t work.  I suggest buying new ones. Camilla found a four pack at Hobby Lobby for $14.99 and used a 40% off coupon)
5. MDF board.  We used 1/8 inch MDF that was 2 feet by 4 four feet and only cost $2.63.  I had the Home Depot guys cut it down for me.  For this project, we made our clocks 16X16 inches, so we were able to cut three from one board.  We decided to buy two full boards so that we could make them as gifts but only had them cut to 12X12″ (you can get 8 out of the board then).
After the paint is dry (very important step) completely cover the wood in mod podge and then attach the photo.  The best way to get rid of those bubbles without ruining your photo is to place something between your hand and the photo that won’t stick.  We used parchment paper.
Once the mod podge is set, cover the top of the photo in mod podge.  It will look really scary, but it WILL dry clear….as long as you use mod podge and not paint.  if you use paint, then I can’t promise anything.
This one is going to take a little more work to finish it because of how dark it is, but I will show you in another post what I do to it
Let the mod podge dry and then it is time to drill holes for the clock parts to go through.  We measured from corner to corner on both side and marked the middle.  If you go both ways, there should be an X where the hole should go. 
Also, the clock sets I bought included a hang up on the back which is super handy because the board is so light. You can also use a picture easel which is equally as cute.
After the hole is drilled, put the clock together and take a good look at all your hard work.
I love the end result .
So now that you know how to make it, go get started!  Christmas is in a couple of weeks!
Let’s play again sometime!”
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