This time we weaved an Easter basket. It looks like the real ones – sturdy, nice to the touch. A child cannot make it by herself, but she would love to watch Mommy make wonders from the empty paper bag… She will probably never see a real weaver at the market crafting beautiful baskets… This used to be such an exciting experience when I was a kid… 

And if you are not a great fan of baskets, skip the handle and you will have a stylish box – or three identical ones side by side.

We folded each strip lenthwise to close it and make it double. Then we ironed the strips so the folds would be smooth and our strips would be good for weaving.

We  criss-crossed the strips as shown and glued them together. It’s easier to weave when they don’t move in every direction.
The base was made from 8 strips. When you’re done, fold them up to make the rest of the weaving easier. Keep weaving in the strips and gluing them in place.
We made four lines then folded the rest of the strips in and glued them in place.
We added another strip on the outside rim (two strips glued together, actually) to complete the shape and to hold it together.
You must wait for the glue to dry each time, or it can be very difficult. You can also use a stapler to speed up the process if you don’t mind staples. 
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