Use three empty toilet rolls  to make the perfect pencil holder for overcrowded desks. 
Three-Face Pencil Holder
The idea is not new – I would even call it a classic – but the pencil holders are usually colored. We liked them as they were, in their natural, ECO colors. That’s why we only added a few cheerful felt-tip drawings.
To make the leaning pencil holder, you must make an even row of snips. Draw a slanted line in pencil then start snipping at even intervals.
Fold out the strips and cover them with PVA glue on the inside. Don’t worry if you put too much – it’s transparent when dry. Glue the rolls on a piece of cardboard then cut out the first base. When it’s dry, glue the base to another piece of cardboard to make your base sturdier.
Sketch some felt-tip drawings.

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