I will often do kind of a “practice run” on ideas, because believe it or not, I actually have difficulty re-creating the ideas in my head, especially when it comes to stamping.  While I do like how this came out, it looks unfinished to me.  And I also didn’t quite perfect how I wanted to say my message.  I stamped this in aluminum, because using an inexpensive metal for ideas I’m not convinced about is a lot cheaper than stamping on the good stuff. There’s nothing wrong with wearing finished aluminum pieces, don’t get me wrong!  It’s great for people with sensitivities to metals, and it’s got a nice shine.  I am just not going to waste a silver blank until I absolutely know what I want, though.  I may be modifying this design a bit.
Today’s post is not going to be a stamping tutorial – but I do already have one.  I will have you check out last spring’s Jewelry Stamping for Beginners if you would like to know more about how to get started stamping.
I was really excited about working in the dandelion and fluff design set, so I started there, making sure I had room for the design and then working the words in around it.

I wanted a nice grouping at the bottom.  When I had a look I liked, I moved on to the text.

When I got all my stamping done, I hammered the edges because I knew it was still missing something, and the hammering really helps to finish the look of a piece.

I darkened the text with a Sharpie (because aluminum doesn’t react with liver of sulfur).
In looking at it, I really think what this necklace needs is layers, maybe add a larger disc underneath with an all-over dandelion pattern.  I do like how the stamping came out, I would change the wording a little, but the overall piece still looks a bit plain to me.  What do you think, any suggestions?

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