I visited Theresa and Iva while they were making these giant paper balls to decorate their day center .  It will soon turn into one of the magic places in Sofia, a place where kids can study after school or, come summer, play in the front yard as much as they like. The balls can be made in a cinch – and they instantly transform any room. They are suitable for decorating kids’ parties. Similar balls (but made of cellophane) will be used to decorate the front yard .
Here’s how to make the balls: you need 8 sheets of tissue paper for each ball. There are 20 sheets in a package that costs about 2 dollars. Fold 8 sheets together (crosswise) and make each accordion fold about 4 cm wide).
When you’re done, tie the paper in the middle with a string.
Spread the two parts like a fan and slowly separate each layer, supporting them with one hand while holding it with the other.
Raise the 4 layers very carefully (the paper is thin and breaks easily).
You will now have half a ball. Turn it upside down and use the same method to separate the remaining 4 layers.

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