In this video, I will teach you How to Make Origami Mandala | Origami |. This is very easy to make. You have to follow only my instructions. You can use it in school activities and for decoration.


  1. 5-inches x 5 inches ( 8 different colour Pieces )

Origami modular mandala is an 8 unit modular origami. The complements are honestly simple to fold and the gathered origami is beautiful.

There are a few popular models, this is my own origami design. The units could not keep its shape when all 8 units were gathered and needed some extra help (glue) to keep it bound.

This stunning selection of origami papers features a calming, charming mandala. Rest and de-stress as you fold origami birds, stars, and more.

Create a mandala and use it as a spiritual medium by first learning about mandalas.

Mandalas allow matching visible parts, expressing unity and peace. The purposes of mandala depend upon the appearance, geometric details and knowledge.

Mandala is Japanese art and very famous to make. The beautiful origami Mandala is much simpler than it looks!

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