In this video we will teach you how to Make Origami Paper Bow | Origami |.it is a very easy and beautiful origami. You can use any kind of paper to make it and decorate your gift packs.


  1. 8-inch x  8 inch (Square Paper sheet)

Everything you require to get begun with  origami! Step by step  instructions  for all the necessary folds, marks and for your first model the paper bow.

This is a charming  origami bow  that you can fold to  accessorize your gift box . It is more solid than origami paper which can make it  stronger to  fold  but it wasn’t too bad.

Why waste money on a bow for gifts ever again when you can  create  one out of any rectangle of paper?It can be an meter piece on your gift.

Quickly learn  paper  folding crafts step by step. These preparations  will show you  how to make Paper Bow.

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