Easily make your own how to make Origami Paper Pyramid home decor | Origami |Paper Craft  Beautiful 3D Wall Art with these easy steps and fun to play with origami pyramid pixels. You do not  Need cuts, no glue and no tape! Each triangular 3D pyramid is folded from 1 square of paper. In this video, I also share some ideas on how you can make wall decor.


  1. 8-inch x 8-inch Square sheets.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fold a 3D origami pyramid.

It’s fun to switch up your place every now and again, whether that’s by moving around some furniture or simply adding a little houseplant or two. One of my popular ways to do this, though, is to add any fun wall art.

Easily make your own beautiful 3D  DIY Wall Art with this effortless to make and fun to play with origami.


These gift boxes are so different and especially easy to accumulate.

This framed modular origami wall composition is a  different and attractive way of showing off.

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