In this video, I will teach you How to Make Origami Star of 8 | Origami |pieces. Kids love it as a toy, as an ornament or decor element. For this, you can use any kind of paper which easy to fold.


  1. 6-inches x 6-inches  (8 pieces of Square sheet)

You can create Small  Origami Stars  Without Scissors: I love creating these, especially at work. The star is so easy to perform, but it seems so pretty.

This is a fun decoration that is simple for children to perform. It is a good way to add them to joining modular parts. After making a few of these stars you will be able to  make them easily without my instructions.

Origami is the art of paper folding, which is usually connected with Japanese culture.

We created these enjoyable  origami  paper star  to glorify New Year’s Eve with the kids, but they are fun for any parties like birthday parties.

I hope You like my video on how to  Make Origami Star of 8 | Origami |Paper Craft and instructions. Kindly share it on your pages.

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